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Integrative Multitheoretical Psychotherapy

by Jeff Brooks-Harris (2008)
Boston: Houghton-Mifflin

This book starts with the straight-forward premise that thoughts, actions, and feelings interact with one another and are shaped by biological, interpersonal, systemic, and cultural contexts. This simple foundation is used to organize seven theoretical models that can be used to conceptualize clients and guide interventions, resulting in a sophisticated and integrated approach to psychotherapy. The text begins by reviewing psychotherapy and integration and introducing a new approach. The second part of the book describes almost 100 key strategies drawn from seven theoretical approaches. The text concludes by applying the multitheoretical approach to both treatment and training.

Part One: A New Approach to Psychotherapy Integration

1. Introduction to Psychotherapy and Integration
2. Five Principles for Psychotherapy Integration
3. Multidimensional Adaptation and Integrative Treatment Planning

Part Two: Key Strategies: Translating Psychotherapy Theories into Practical Skills

4. Cognitive Psychotherapy: Encouraging Functional Thoughts
5. Behavioral Psychotherapy: Choosing Effective Actions
6. Experiential-Humanistic Psychotherapy: Exploring Feelings and Personal Experiences
7. Biopsychosocial Psychotherapy: Connecting Body and Brain
8. Psychodynamic-Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Modifying Interpersonal Patterns
9. Systemic-Constructivist Psychotherapy: Living within Social Systems
10. Multicultural-Feminist Psychotherapy: Adapting to Cultural Contexts

Part Three: Applications to Treatment and Training

11. Multitheoretical Psychotherapy in Action: Case Examples with Four Different Diagnoses
12. Training and Supervision in Multitheoretical Psychotherapy

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