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MTP was designed as a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy but it's hard to learn seven sets of skills all at once. Dr. Jeff Harris and his colleagues at Texas Woman's University have applied the same training approach to a more streamlined catalog of key strategies for beginning counselors. Key Strategies Training for Individual Psychotherapy (KST-IP) provides a practical method for introducing eight skills from each of three foundational theories (Cognitive, Emotion-Focused, and Behavioral therapies). These strategies allow counselors to explore and transform thoughts, feelings, or actions based on the individual needs of each client. The following documents are available here:

Key Strategies for Individual Psychotherapy One Page Summary

This handout introduces 24 key strategies that can be used to explore or transform client's thoughts, feelings, or actions.

Training Outline for Key Strategies Training for Individual Psychotherapy

This document is designed to supplement an article published in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration by Harris, Kelley, Campbell, and Hammond (in press). This supplement provides descriptions and examples of all 24 key strategies used in KST-IP.

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